We Focus On Musculoskeletal Assessment , Sports Injuries, Manual Treatment Techniques, Injury Rehabilitation

With a clear and current understanding of the demands of modern day sport, ranging from elite to recreational ability, LM Therapy is a sports injury management company that prides itself on attention to detail.

Really Happy Clientele

Beautiful collaboration of biomechanical correction and sports injury treatment on site. So no more aggravating existing injuries with the wrong type of exercise. Happy days!

– Phillip Mylotte, Facebook

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10 Things To Know Before You Get A Sports Massage

Three trusted massage therapists share their pre-appointment tips. 1. Understand the Different Types of Massage…

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Sports Injury Management LM Therapy Liverpool

Sports Injury Management

Being active and sporty has many health benefits, however with sportiness comes the risk of…

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Biomechanical Assessment LM Therapy Liverpool

What is Biomechanical Assessment?

Definition & Overview Biomechanical assessment is the process of analysing the functions of lower limbs.…

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