Mission Statement

Combining a professional and proactive outlook to treating injury alongside current scientific research, we are always ahead of the game, providing elite treatment and aftercare to all.

Proactive over reactive

Recovery without compromise

With a clear understanding of the demands of modern day sport, ranging from elite to recreational ability, LM Therapy prides itself on attention to detail. This is presented in a multitude of different ways; through thorough assessments, clear treatment pathways, and professional aftercare to ensure the road to recovery is as effective and efficient as possible. No two clients are the same and there are a variety of different ways in which the client can be treated and rehabilitated.

At LM Therapy we treat a variety of sporting and occupational injuries and complaints, we do this by reducing your pain scale and improving range of movement, to further rehabilitate and return you to full fitness.   Our health practitioners have experience at an elite level in many sports inclusive of football, cycling and boxing.  In addition to treating the everyday client for both sporting and occupational injuries and discomforts.

At LM Therapy we do not believe in quick fixes or half measures, we treat the root cause of the problem and are here for our patients from the beginning of treatment until final stages and beyond.