Frequently Asked Questions

Your initial assessment will be booked for one hour and one of our therapists will discuss your current issue and perform a comprehensive physical assessment to identify the root cause of your injury/discomfort.

The diagnosis of this assessment will then clearly outline a treatment protocol inclusive of time frames and recovery routines to progress you to full fitness, all of which will be discussed with you and explained thoroughly. Your treatment plan will usually begin at the first session and will be designed to fit within your everyday lifestyle for the most effective results.

To obtain an accurate diagnosis and to treat the problem most efficiently we usually require to see the affected areas. We recommend loose and comfortable clothing which can be easily lifted or removed. This ensures that we can assess and examine in more detail. Shorts will be required for any problems presented surrounding the lower back and lower limb. It is advisable to bring trainers should they be required for rehabilitation.

We will always do our best to avoid any discomfort, however, certain parts of the assessment and treatment given can reproduce your pain symptoms for a short while as we move towards improving your pain scale. Your therapist will always explain any treatment and side effects with you to gain your consent and understanding.

The number of sessions required is dependent on your current condition and your rate of progression, this varies from patient to patient. The earlier your diagnosis from the date of injury the sooner the rehabilitation process can start, to get you back to full sporting or occupational fitness.

Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment which can be utilised as part of a recovery routine from a busy sporting schedule, or can assist in the healing process from a post-operative procedure. Your therapist carrying out the treatments will always combine appointments with a rehab protocol which can be carried out in-between appointments, consisting of stretching and/or strengthening exercises.